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Real estate is in my blood. As a kid, I would follow my mom to open houses, listen to her haggle with contractors, and hop out of the car to grab countless "FOR SALE" flyers all across Los Angeles.

Marketing is my passion. A few years after graduating from UCLA in 2014 (go Bruins!), I started working in PR and social media marketing at Ogilvy, a global advertising agency. I also design creative assets and manage social media marketing for Open Letter Marketing, a direct mail marketing company for real estate investors.

I walk in your shoes. My wife (a Trojan, but otherwise perfect in every way) and I are real estate investors ourselves; our first property was a triplex in Redondo Beach.

It's all about partnership. As we get started, I'll want to get to know you, hear your story, and identify what really makes you stand out. As we work together, you'll know you can reach me whenever you need to. As your business grows, I'll help you get marketing-savvy, too. I'm your advocate, partner, and coach; I'll be right at your side, helping you put your best foot forward.

You know the value of staging homes. This is about staging you, digitally.

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